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Source from NIGERIA

Ease of Sourcing, Premium Quality and Best Price!

From shipments below a gram, to 30 metric tonn containers, Source-From-Nigeria is on a Journey to Re-Define the Commodity Exports Supply Chain In


Did you know?

Last 5 years, Nigerian Agricultural exports grew by


Last year, Quality of Agricultural export grew by


Last year, Nigeria's empowered Certified Agricultural Export farmers grew by


A Quick Overview

In 2010, a group of local and International Nigerian Agro-Experts came together to form Source-From-Nigeria; an indigenous company, registered  with Nigerian Export Promotion Council, to promote the sourcing and export of agricultural products from Nigeria to international markets.

Our vision is to bridge the gap, by providing quality exports, premium customer service, and high-level sourcing capabilities, through our trained and talented workforce. Some of our Key Products are sesame seeds, soybeans, Cashew nuts, Natural cocoa butter, gum Arabic among others.

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Here's what we offer...

Our Star Products


Top destinations for the product include Japan, China, Turkey, India, and Vietnam

Image by Jasmine Waheed

Climbed 2 steps up since last Quarter.

Top destinations for this product includes Netherlands, Belgium, France, Vietnam, and the USA.

Organic Beetroots
Root Spices

Famous for its ayurverdic properties, this category leads our sourcing product line.

Top destinations for the product include India, Japan, China, and Turkey


Cashew Exports includes includes apple, nut, and kernel.

Top destinations for The top destinations are The top destinations are Vietnam, India, USA, Russia and the Netherlands.

Buyer Testimonials

“I needed a trust-worthy supplier for my ayurvedic root spices, and reached out to the SFN team. Their process was straight forward, sampling was easy, and I got my high quality supply earlier than I expected.”

Ishita Valsta


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